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A Plus Soccer strives to help you, if we can, in affording the soccer equipment you may need for your club or team.

TIPS:  It is important to us at A Plus Soccer to give you the best information on products we feel will make a difference in your seletion of equipment and supplies. Therefore we make the suggestions listed below to help you out. We hope they will be of some assistance to you, our customer.

TRAINING VIDEOS. Enjoy these three next videos. They are so much fun to watch. Players practice these moves and you will be way ahead. Coaches have your players practice some of these drills. Do it over and over again. Until they get it right. Your player will gain alot of confidence within themselfs. they will play much better for you against other teams.

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TRAINING. When you are training, and trying to get in good shape to have strong stamina during a game, always do your best. When you practice hard at every practice, your skills and stamina will increase at a rapid rate. Coaches like to see this in their players. Those players that do this will more than likely start in every game. It is never to late to improve on your game skills.

SHIN GUARDS. Shin guards are very important to you during games or practice. In the rules of football, Law 4 (The Player's Equipment) make it necessary for all players to wear shin guards as rquired equipment. Begining players and professional players must wear them. When a referee finds that you are not wearing shin guards, you will be asked to leave the field until you have them in place to protect you. Whether at practice or in a game. Shin guards can protect you when you need them when someone kicks you on the shin on purpose or by accident. Accidents can happen any time. If your not protected safely by your shin guard you may not be able to play in the next game or the rest of the season. Serious injuries can last a life time. Ensure they fit you correctly and are comfortable and are of proper size for you.

GOALKEEPER JERSEYS. When you pick a color for your goalkeeper jersey, pick one that will attrack attention by the shooter. Bright colors that stand out are best. Attracting attention to the goalkeeper by the shooter, will distract the shooters shot.

GOALKEEPER GLOVES. Use your old pair of goalkeeper gloves for practice. You can use your newer goalkeeper gloves for games. This will give you the best grip on all balls that your goalkeeper gloves will give you during an important game. Of course, every game is important. Right? In most cases, slightly wetting your gloves with water will give you the player a better grip. Never ever spit on your gloves. It will destroy them. All goalkeepers must be in the best shape possible. That means to the very last minute of the game when you might have to make a spatacular save on a shot made from the other team to win the game. The best way to do this is to practice very hard during all goalkeeper drills. Try to be first, in every excersise. Try to be first when you run short or long distances. When you are acting as a goalkeeper be ready for anything. Never get caught off guard. Never.

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Our business was founded in 1978 when we decided to "go public" with our sales. Response to our website took a while to get our customer base. During the time it took, to make this a profitable business, it has been a real pleasure to serve you our customers.